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Cleve Bryant Jr. moved to Fort Lauderdale to take up the practice of photography full-time, after thirty years of part-time freelance photographic work for customers and clients all over the world. Bryant spent most of his professional working life in classrooms as an English Language Arts teacher. Bryant has subsidized his teaching income by earning money specializing in wedding photography, medical photography and photojournalism throughout his career. But today he considers himself a general practicioner with a camera, rather than a specialist.

Cleve got started doing individual and family portraits, as well as weddings in the late 70’s in Rochester, NY. He switched to medical photography in the 80’s after moving to New Orleans, and then to photojournalism and stock photography in the 90’s when he moved to Washington, DC.

Although I continue to learn new and creative ways to produce professional photographs, I still utilize skills and techniques I learned years ago. The major difference for today’s photographer is that pixels have taken the place of film, computers have taken the place of darkrooms, and software programs have taken the place of chemicals.

If you need professional photographs of a person, group, place, thing, or event, in either print or digital format, then Cleve Bryant Jr. is the photographer for you.


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